Saturday, February 11, 2006

Day 14

So yesterday was a decent day. The echo showed good flow to both lungs and his heart muscle is pumping well, wooohoooo!

I found out something scary from one of the other former ecmo moms, the day they were thinking about putting alex back on it...... I'm glad they didn't. when her son came off and had problems she was told that they wouldn't put him back on it, cause they have lost every child that had to go back on! eeeeeeeeek I'm glad I didn't know that then!

He still needs to pee more. they turned down his epi last night to see what he'd do and he dropped his bp some, but not drastically although they did have to give him some Albumin through the night to bump it back up which made him gain a little more weight..... as if he needs anymore! He was 10 lbs 8 oz yesterday. He is peeing better, but still not enough to make headway with the fluid he has in his tissues yet, so keep sending those pee vibes.

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