Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Day 4

Tomorrow is on for surgery. To say we are worried is an understatement although our little guy has proven many times over that he is strong. He was baptised this morning.

I got to hold him pretty much all day. That was nice. He decided to keep us all on our toes though by dropping his blood pressure. Apparently he just got too comfortable or something. I realy hate those monitors, every time something beeps i don't breathe until it stops.

He is a little jaundiced today, my little pumpkin boy and his eyes are swollen from all the fluids going into him so he can't open his eyes, I can't wait to see his pretty eyes again.

During the cath I guess they did find something unexpected. Alex's pulmonary arteries, which are the arteries that connect the lungs to the heart don't connect to his heart at all. Literally the only thing keeping his blood oxygenated at this point is the PDA which is still wide open as you can hear the whooshing of his murmer anywhere on his chest. So tomorrow they will connect the arteries to his heart and put in a shunt, which is a doctor made PDA. I have been warned that they may have to leave his chest open for a couple days to let the swelling go down, and he may spend the night on ecmo, which is a heart/lung bypass machine. Hopefully neither of these things are required.

The plan is to get him fixed this much, to buy him some time until his little body can grow and be strong enough for the operation that will fix his heart completely.

We are terrified but hopeful. Soon I will be able to see my babies face without the vent.

I apologize for not getting the pictures on this site yet. Craig got the other kids today and I was at the hospital but holding Alex the entire time so I didn't get on that computer, and the computer here at the ronald mcdonald house I can't upload pics. They will come soon.

Please pray for Alex tomorrow. It will be a rough operation on his little body. Send him the strength to endure it.

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