Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Day 10

Sorry i haven't updated. I keep telling myself I'll update after they do this or that and it's just one thing after another and I get snowballed.

Alex has had a good couple of days now. Yesterday was pretty much just a day of rest, they didn't bother him too much. He decided that nap time was over though and freaked us all out. When they went to check his pupils he decided to open his eyes and look at the nurse! They upped his meds though and he's sawing logs again.

Today they did a bronchoscopy because they saw a shadowy area on his left lung and wanted to see what it was. It was some leftover blood and the top part was collapsed so they flushed it out and it shouldn't be a problem. They also did what they call a clamp trial on his ecmo, basically they took him off it for 30 minutes to see what he'd do and he did GREAT! The only thing keeping them from fully pulling him off was the fact that in those 30 minutes he needed a lot of fluid and they figured they'd set him back too much by trying to force it today, she said his heart muscle is stiff and will take a while to loosen up but they are giving him a med to relax it some and we are hoping tomorrow is the day! So keep your fingers crossed that Alex does well tomorrow and gets rid of that awful machine. So that's all pretty good news. His heart has healed, the repair WORKS!

Otherwise not much to report. Alex got a quick visit from his grandparents today, that was nice. Unfortunately the other baby in the room was being naughty again so we couldn't stay in there long :(

More tomorrow, hopefully i'll be able to report he's off ecmo!

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