Monday, February 6, 2006

Guestbook entries 2/6/06

The following are entries posted to Alex's guestbook on February 6, 2006

hey kat & craig!!
what a beautiful baby boy! congrats first of all to all of you! i'm still getting over all that hair he has! i know its an aweful roller coaster ride right now for you and your families, but god has a reason and plan for everything, lex is already a miracle baby and fighting this battle hes even more a miracle. i was so happy to hear hes doing better. i can't belive all those machines hes on but thank god for them. hes going to be home keeping you up befor ya know it!! and i bet all his brothers and sisters just love him to pieces. that wil be the hard part, taking turns holding your going to have to draw straws for your baby lex is in my prayers, and i will pray until that lil guy makes it home happy and healthy! which will be soon, cause the son of the cheeseburglar will not take NO for an answer!!..lmaO i love you kat!, you all take care and were all pulling for that lil man!!! keep us posted!

melissa meyers

Dear Craig & Kat
Hey its lisa finally got a chance to look at alex's web site hope all is well we are praying for you all

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