Saturday, February 4, 2006

Day 7

I've decided to start updating this in the morning since I'm at the hospital during the day and then Craig and I switch places in the afternoon, it's hard to get on the computer at the house with the kids.

Alex had a good night. They had to do a wash out on him last night (they use sterile water to wash out his chest and get rid of any gunk in there) because his blood pressure was having issues. The wash out seems to have resolved it and he's having a bit more of his OWN blood pressure today which is a sign that his heart is doing more of the work on it's own.

Yesterday they did an echo and tried to turn down the ecmo machine (the bypass) but he wasn't ready yet, they are going to try again today. His head u/s came back good yesterday (to check for brain bleeds since they have to thin his blood for the ecmo) so that's good. That too will be repeated today and every day he's on ecmo.

They have to replace a couple of his IV lines today as they weren't working well. He now has one in his head, poor baby.

He's all puffed up like a blowfish which is kind of odd to see since he's so short it looks funny.

they are hoping to start to close him on Monday and hopefully he will be off ecmo soon! Keep those prayers coming!

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