Monday, February 27, 2006

Day 30

Alex had another day of resting yesterday, he woke up some here and there but when he did he wasn't comfortable so they gave him bumps of his pain medicine.

He's not peeing real well unfortunately and he took on some more fluid on Friday night when they had to stabalize him, last night they restarted one medication called Nesiritide which draws fluid out of his tissues, the downside of it is that it's a new medication and not compatible with a whole lot so they have to run it with a lot of fluid, so they had to stop his nutrition to cut back on fluids. Even still it added to his fluid intake, almost seems like it defeats the purpose....

His white cell count today came back elevated which means he's probably fighting an infection so they started another antibiotic along with the prophylactic ones he already gets to try to wipe out whatever it is he's fighting. We were really hoping to get through this and get him closed without an infection.. but what can ya do.

They tell me they are gonna try to close him again tomorrow now. I am very frustrated about the whole thing because of the fluid he's taken on, his heart didn't handle it that well before and now he's even bigger so it will add that much more pressure to his heart for them to try to do it. Friday really set things back.......

Keep those prayers coming that we can get over this hump and they can by some miracle get him closed tomorrow.

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