Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day 19

a little late on the update today. It's more difficult to get on a computer now that Craig and I have swapped shifts at the hospital. Alex didn't have his washout today because the surgeon was in the OR all night but it's scheduled for tomorrow AM. They did get his NO turned off yesterday and he didn't seem to care one bit! His epi is the lowest it can go and his bp has actually stayed HIGHER than they like.

He's had enough of this whole thing they call sleep and has been awake all day, just wide eyed zoning out on his mobile. He's dropping the water weight nicely, you can really see the changes in his face and hands and feet. They are hoping to close his chest the end of next week.

They did a repeat ultrasound of his head and found that one of the spots that were bleeding cleared completely and the other, although it hasn't isn't of conern! Wonderful news. His leg that had the clot is looking much better, is warm and has good color now so they aren't too worried about that either. His echo today looked great.

The neurologist looked him over yesterday and said everything looks good, he even flinches when they shine the light in his eyes which they say is a great sign. He's also tracking objects with his eyes when he's awake.

when he's awake he breathes over the vent almost 100% of the time. Go baby go!

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