Sunday, February 19, 2006

Day 22

Alex continues to do well. He has completely given up on sleep though, they added a drug and upped another one today and he slept maybe 30 minutes.... He seems to be saying enough with sleep lets get on with things!

He is peeing a ton and losing lots of fluid through his chest tubes, he's shrinking fast! His little hands are soooo tiny we forgot how small he actually is under there!

Another washout tomorrow. I am HOPING they can close him but not counting on it, he's still pretty puffy in the chest area and I'm preparing for having to wait. We just can't wait to hold him and he has to be closed and stable first. Were told when they do close him it'll be rocky for the first 24 hours, his heart isn't use to the added pressure of his breastbones being over it so it will add some stress to his heart for a bit until he gets use to it all.

He developed a tremor today in his hands, they said it's from the narcotics he's on, much as a drug addict will tremor :( Poor baby.

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