Saturday, February 25, 2006

Day 28

Alex had a more stable day today. He was pretty tired from all the stress of last night and he's not peeing so well again so he's a little puffy. It's frustrating these backslides but we gotta take what we can get. They did some liver tests on him to figure out why his blood isn't clotting so well and those came back fine, they also did a full body ultrasound to make sure he's not still bleeding in there anywhere but we don't yet know the results of that.

Alex got to move to the side of the room with a window today, that's a nice change of scenery, we've been stuck in the corner for 3 weeks now and now we have more space, hopefully Alex will be happier over there and not pull anymore of his little tricks.

They decided with the fluid he took on that trying to close him now would be futile, if he didn't handle it without the fluid, he's surely not going to WITH it so now the plan is to wait until Monday or Tuesday to try again, give him some time to rest and get rid of some of that fluid.

So were back to praying for pee!

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