Thursday, February 2, 2006

Guestbook entries for 2/2/06

Below are guestbook entries made to Alexander's caringbridge site February 2, 2006

I'm praying for you today Alexander. God be with you and your family. I know God will be with you.
Love Aunt Lynn

Omg Kat! you Are in my prayers every day! I hope the best for Alex! He has been strong this far, you know he will grow into a stubborn lil man! We love you Alex hang in there!

Christy Thomas

I just saw that you have added pictures--he is absolutely adorable!! What a sweet little peanut! I am continuing to pray that his surgery went well (assuming that he did indeed have surgery today) and that he recovers well. He certainly has proven to be a strong little boy!
Beth P.

My Thoughts and Prayers are with you and that precious baby boy.

Brandy Gatz

Kat, my heart is with you and I am praying for Lex to get better and be home with you and the rest of the family soon.

Stephanie Clement

Kat, please know that you, your sweet baby boy and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. He is so precious and beautiful, so little and yet so strong. Keep fighting, Little Man!! May God be with you all...

Kat you have one precious lil man!! And I want you all to know you are in our prayers! Keep fighting little man!! :)

Jessica Gilliam

Be strong little Lex!! We are all thinking of you here and praying for you. Hurry up and get big and strong so momma can bring you home. My little man has some clothes he has outgrown that he would like to send your way.
Kat, I am thinking of and praying for you also hun. If you ever want to talk, remember I have free long distance and will very happily call you even if you just want someone to vent at for a few. Take care of that little boy and of course yourself woman. We miss you in chat hun :X

Meghan Marcusse

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