Sunday, February 5, 2006

Day 8

Another long day. He went into surgery at 8am and right now at 4:30 were waiting for him to get up to his room. The repair was successfull in that they were able to widen the arteries and hopefully that will allow the blood to flow more freely through them. They weren't able to take him off ecmo today, as he had some bleeding into his lungs that need to heal. hopefully in a couple days. They did have an odd event in surgery, his spleen started to bleed for unknown reasons, his doctor said he's never seen anything like it. They were able to stop the bleeding though. His cardio says she can hear a nice strong murmer now so he should be good! She seemed much more optimistic than she did on Thursday night.

His head u/s also showed 2 small spots of a brain bleed which is something that is a risk while he's on ecmo due to them having to thin his blood. right now they aren't too concerned with them but please pray they absorb soon!

We added another picture in the photos section. It shows all of Alex's "toys". Just to give you a general idea of what he's doing here.

Thank yo all again for your prayers, and a special thank you today to Jackie for sitting with us and keeping our minds occupied!

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