Monday, March 6, 2006

Guestbook entries for 3/6/06

The following are entries made to Alex's Caringbridge guestbook on March 6, 2006

Hey little Alex, this is your buddy, Luke's mom. Hang in there kiddo. You have to get better soon because Luke isn't in your room anymore to show you how to be naughty. Just remember that your little life is so important to God, your parents, and to all of us, so you just work really hard to get better so that your mommy and daddy can hold you again.
Kat and Craig, Todd and I know how hard it is to ride the emotional rollercoaster at the hospital. One day at a time, and don't lose hope because first of all, God is very merciful and secondly, these doctors are so caring and don't want to give up until Alex is ready to go home. All of you are in my prayers, and stop by if you need to commiserate. See you around!
Becky Sharkey

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