Thursday, March 9, 2006

Day 40

Alex continues to be stable. He has passed the 48 hour mark and is doing well, although obviousely still critically ill.

They went down on his vent settings today because he was fighting the vent a bit, basically breathing over it and his blood was showing he was getting too much oxygen so they turned it down a bit.

I am a bit, ok a lot concerned about a bedsore he has on the back of his head though and am going to request that the skin docs come and take another look at it as it seems to be getting worse instead of better with current treatment which involves a medicated dressing and turning him side to side to avoid pressure on the sore. We'll see what they decide to do.

His incision is beginning to heal although it still looks rather yucky. It's definitely not a 'clean close' but it's closed and they said they will do some plastic surgery on it with his next OHS and make the scar better, but honestly a scar is the least of my worries........that's what t-shirts are for right?

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