Friday, March 24, 2006

Everything is blurry

It's been 8 days. I can only be thankful for the fog I've been in because it has made time pass quickly. I'm still throwing myself into everything, I've researched every medication he was on, every symptom he had, the thank you cards are finished and either mailed or sitting on my desk waiting to be mailed.

We packed up the baby things yesterday. It wasn't as hard as I imagined. The fact that he never came home to use any of those things has spared me some because I can convince myself that since he didn't use them, they weren't his. The house appears so empty now though, aside from the plethora of flowers and plants in every room to constantly remind us that he isn't here.

We visited the cemetary yesterday. Oh how I can't wait until the grass has grown and his stone is laid. To go out there and see the dirt and the peice of wood laying over where he lays disgusts me, like he was thrown in the ground and covered. We brought his big tigger that was won for him at bingo by a little girl at the Ronald Mcdonald house, Autumn. It melts my heart how she won it and gave it to Alex.

I still wake up every morning and think of my walk to the hospital. I retrace the route in my mind, feel the snow under my feet and the wind from the river on my face. I see the university students rushing to class and the huge buildings of the hospital and it's ajacent medical buildings. I remember the smell of the place, that distinctive hospital smell and hear the sounds of the elevators. I remember walking into the PICU and seeing all the familiar faces, walking into his room and saying my usual 'good morning bubba, I love you' and rubbing his fuzzy head. I still feel the fuzz of his hair.

Then my mind wanders back to today and I realize that all I have left is pictures, pictures in my mind and on the wall. He will never be forgotten but I feel those precious memories slipping away every day and it makes me sad.

At the bible book store I found a card with his name on it, it says:

'helper of mankind'

Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and of good courage:
do not be afraid, nor dismayed, for the Lord
your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

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