Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 43

Alex needs prayers today. His whole body is bruised. right now they are thinking it's from when his hemoglobin dropped on Friday night and the blood is now finding it's way to his tissues. From a neurological standpoint........we don't know. This mornign and overnight he wasn't responding to things that normally make him mad, now when she turned him he did move some and his pupils look normal. His soft spot on his head is a little firm, but not bulging. I'm sure they will be ordering a head ultrasound today.

His blood work looks good, his blood pressure is stable as are his sats, heartrate etc. He's a little acidotic but better than he was yesterday, they haven't gone up on his vent settings again as of now. The fluid they are getting out of his pd is pinkish tinged now instead of clear/yellow as it was and should be.

Docs are in rounds so I'll know more later

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