Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Day 38

Today has to be the day. There's another washout scheduled for 10:30 (yeah right lol) and all the fluid is off him so he HAS to be closed today. So keep those prayers coming!

They figured out the issue with the dialysis fluid. Apparently when in his second surgery his spleen bled they first tunneled down around his diaphragm to get to it, and now the fluid they are putting into his belly is leaking through it and coming out of his chest. As of yesterday the cardio docs didn't seem too concerned about this, but the renal docs didn't seem too thrilled. Apparently the cardio docs won.

ooh rounds are done, time to go see my bubba! More later!

UPDATE: They decided to go in and fix the hole in his belly, he went into surgery at 11 and they said 4-5 hours....... which means 8 hours. More later!

UPDATE: Just got a call from the nurse. They fixed the hole with no problems, were able to close his sternum with no problems. Now they are meticulousely working on getting the skin closed. It's rather chewed up from so many times of having to sew the "heart bandaid" on. But Dr D is determined!

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