Saturday, March 4, 2006

Day 35

Alex had a very good day depsite yet another OR procedure to put his catheter in. He didn't bleed! He's "oozing" from the site but no hemmorages so that's great!

The PD catheter is pretty interesting. Every 30 minutes they put in salt and glucose water and then at the end of 30 minutes they let it drain out, the idea is more out than in. They started it at about 6:30pm and so far he's tolerating it quite well and getting a few extra cc's more out than in at each "pass". His blood pressure comes down a bit when they drain it but not so much that people get scared, they just fuss with him a bit and it pops back up. They said it's from the fluid shifting.

Dr. D talked to us after the cath was put in and they are planning another wash out/closure attempt on Tuesday, hopefully he will have enough fluid off by then that he will tolerate it and finally be closed!

Everybody send Alex some "keep up the good work!" vibes!

And a big congrats to Alex's old roomate Luke, who is officially off the vent!

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