Thursday, March 2, 2006

Day 33

We got a phone call very early this morning to let us know that Alex was unstable. We got the kids to school and went to the hospital and they said they didn't know exactly what was going on but his blood gasses looked bad and there was evidence that his kidneys and liver were starting to take a turn for the worse. They were suspecting either a bleed or an infection. They ordered a full body ultrasound to look for bleeding.

Through the day he continued to stabalize himself, his blood gasses were looking better, his liver and kidney tests were looking better, his blood pressure was good.

The results of the ultrasound showed bleeding between his brain and skull. To what extent I don't know. He's having a CT scan done tonight to make sure there isn't any active bleeding (they are pretty sure there isn't at this point) and whatever else it is they look for so we will know more about it in the morning.

He did have a chest washout/possible closure scheduled for tomorrow but i'm unsure if they will still do it tomorrow given todays events.


Update: The CT scan revealed it's not blood! It's just fluid and doesn't appear to be compressing his brain! Very good news!

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