Friday, April 7, 2006

Slow and steady

It's been a while hasn't it. I really feel again like I am starting to normalize. For a while I cried all day long, then it was a few times every day, now it's more like a few times a week. I feel guilty for that but I remind myself that Alex really woudln't want us to be sad, but to celebrate his life and celebrate his eternal life. some days it's easier to remember than than others.

We are trying for another baby an that gives me some of the hope back that I felt I had lost. I don't expect it to happen right away and I'm sure that we will have a hard time if months pass without it happening. But it really is all in God's timing. He was patient with us when he so much needed Alex back, we will be patient with him.

I find myself meeting so many people I otherwise wouldn't have. Parents who have lost children, all with thier own special wonderful and sad story to tell. It's like this secret club that no one wants to be in, yet we are and we rely on each other to get through.

Craig and I are planning another trip to Minneapolis, not this coming week but the following. We want to deliver some teddy bears and there's a woman I met on a heart babies board who's son is having another surgery this coming week so we will get to meet him and his mommy.

I use to really long to be there, at the hospital, the RMH. It was like we left so much behind. Now that is starting to fade. I miss everyone, but I don't have this need to be there. In fact I hope that for the rest of my life I never need to be there again.

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