Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Home away from home

So I went to the hospital yesterday. When we pulled into the ronald mcdonald house lot I started to panic and shake and couldn't even park. I started to wonder if this was maybe a REALLY bad idea. I had my friend park my truck for me cause I just coulnd't do it and Tyler's mom let us in.

We went to the hospital and our favorite nurse Susan was Tylers nurse that day. I was soooo happy to get to see her. We chatted with some of the staff and I really did good seeing everyone, I didn't lose it or anything. It was strange because for the last month I've felt like we left Alex there, that was his space but walking back in there it wasn't...... it wasn't his space anymore. I didn't have that stress knot in my stomach or anything and didn't even feel the urge to look into his old room.

We spent some time there at the hospital and I was really upset to learn that Gracie had died, she was our roomate and had TOF/PA as well and was back for her second surgery. Her family made some awesome t-shirts and left some for the kids and craig and I, they say Kardiac Kids on them. really nice.

I later learned that of the 6 heart babies that were there, 4 of them died in that same week, Alex was first. Only 2 are left, Tyler and Luke. My heart breaks for thier families, especially Gracie's parents because they were in our room that day, hearing everything that was going on with Alex's death, her dad comforted Craig that day, and then had to repeat it with thier own daughter days later....... they are such wonderful people too:(

Later on we went back to the rmh and I was really surprised to see a family still there that we had gotten to know. I thought they would have gone home already and it was nice to be able to talk with them again and thier son had become good friends with Shaylin and Jacksen and I was able to get a picture of him for them.

I'm really glad I went. And really glad Craig didn't. Not that I don't want him to go but it was my time to go, I needed to and he wasn't ready. When he's ready he will go.

I think it was very healing to me and really put some closure to things. I now feel Alex all around me where I didn't before because I just always felt like he was THERE. Seeing for my own eyes that he isn't is what I needed to do.

I terribly miss everyone there though. I told people that if I lived closer I'd probably just loiter all the time. It was so nice to get to chat with Susan again, makes me miss our days of just spending the whole day together, she really is a wonderful person and I am grateful for her and so many others for doing what they did for us, and for Alex and so many other families.

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