Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm not ok!

I thought I had done the right thing by going back, but now I am left unsure. These past 2 days have seemed more challenging than the one's before. Is it because going back there really showed me that he's gone? Maybe there was some comfort in pretending he was still there.

I miss him. I barely got to know him but it's unbearable how much I miss him. He would be 3 months old as of next friday and I was brutally reminded of that by a pamphlet I got in the mail today 'your 3 month old'. It left me sobbing on my bed tearing everything out of the box.

It's been said that God only gives us more than we can handle. Did he screw up this time? Maybe God isn't omnipotent like we want to beleive and he made a mistake. Can I really deal with this? Can Craig? Can we ever become real people again or will we live the rest of our lives just this shell of who we were meant to be?

I try not to be angry. I try to just keep it all together and carry on with life like Alex would have wanted me to. He fought every single day for his life and woulnd't want us to just let ours slip away from us. But I don't know if I can. I don't know if I will ever be able to get through a day without my heart hurting so much.

It's just not fair. Babies aren't suppose to die. He was suppose to bury ME in the ground.

I have trouble beleiving sometimes that a good god would let people hurt this way. The way Alex did and the way I am now. Someone said to me that sometimes God chooses to heal, and sometimes he chooses to comfort those of us left behind. We'll I'm telling ya, I'm not feeling any comfort. I feel like God abandoned us just when we were starting to finally get it. It doesn't make any sense! I sat out on the deck the other night crying in the rain, telling God that if he's so almighty, to get his butt down here and tell me why he took my son, at least I deserve that......... Did I get any answers? no and beleive me i've listened. I've listened so intently for any speck of anything that would provide me some peace and it's not coming.

Yes, my faith is waivering. Just when I had really found it. Because God took my child from me and left me alone, in my own misery to deal with it.

People say stupid things, 'oh he's better off in heaven'.... Well if that's the case, why did God send him here at all? To feel pain? Are there no better ways to teach a soul than to destroy it? Maybe he didnt' destroy Alex's, but he did mine. I've always beleived that God molds us, to fight in his army when the time comes....... how can I fight if I don't have anything left to give? Alex may well be 'better off' in heaven, but he would have had a damn good life here too. He will spend eternity in heaven, life is in the blink of an eye....... why not let him live some of it?

The world is just going on around me and I'm struggling to keep up. Am I depressed? another silly question people ask.... I'm depressed, I'm scared, I'm unsure who I even am or what I beleive. The world keeps on turning and mine is just standing still....

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