Friday, June 2, 2006

Fear through anothers eyes

So, someone stole the flowers off Alex's grave that my mom put there for memorial day. How nice is that? Stealing flowers from a deceased person is bad enough, but a BABY? Do people have no morals?

Otherwise, things have been going well. Bubba's bears is keeping me busy and I like that it does. Craig has even learned how to do the bears which is a great help! It's neat to see the pictures we get of kids with our bears all smiling and happy.

Asking once again for your prayers today. For Luke, who is being extubated today for the final time, if he struggles too much they are going to give him a tracheostomy, so please say a little prayer that he does well and doesn't need one.

And for Tyler. His family isn't getting very good news about his prognosis and may have to make some difficult decisions soon. Please pray that the doctors can find some way to turn things around for him, and if that is not in God's plan, pray to give him and his family some peace.

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Danny said...

This sad and you have my prayers. As for stealing flowers, I have seen this many times. But just 10 minutes after I laid flowers and balloons on my 5 year old daughters's grave, I saw a lady steal them. I followed her back to her "FLOWER SHOP" where she was preparing them for re-sale.