Friday, June 9, 2006

Healing, a little at a time

Tomorrow is Tyler's funeral. I'm a little nervous still waiting for the part of this that's going to suck me right back to losing Alex and tear me apart. So far, so good though.

Yesterday we had a bbq at my moms for Craig's birthday. It was a beautiful day and we spent the day just being lazy and watching the kids do 'stupid human tricks' as my sister liked to put it....... you have to understand, her sense of humor is even more left field than mine (corrected the I before E thing there Jana, in case you ever read this aren't you proud?)

Today we went to the MN zoo and had a blast. Allen snuck out of work and joined us and we made a day of it. After we went and saw a IMAX 3D film which was awesome, it was hilarious to watch Shay and Jack (who have never before even been to a normal theater) reach out and try to touch the 3d pictures. I'm not sure the poor man in front of Shay appreciated it much though. They would get scared at the jumpy parts and then just giggle like insane little elves lol

I noticed about halfway through the day that although I still find my eyes wandering toward babies, especially newborns (since Alex will forever be one in my mind, even though he'd be over 4 months old now) I don't look at them and feel that overwhelming sadness I use to.

It's amazing how the heart can heal. The problem I battle now is how much healing is fair and how much should I make myself feel guilty for if that makes any sense. I like to beat myself up when life is going well for me I guess and I need to stop doing that.......

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