Sunday, May 14, 2006

mothers day... but different

Well, I thought i'd be ok. Really I did. Mothers day is just another day. I dreamt last night that it was the evening of mothers day and I thought 'whew, i got through it!' Only to wake up this morning realizing it had just begun.

I woke up crying, quickly got dressed and went to the cemetary. I sat there for a while, crying and talking to Alex and asking all of the mommies in heaven to take special care of him for me.

This afternoon my brother visited. He had been gone on vacation and it was nice to see him.

I now have a migraine. Strange because I haven't had one since I was pregnant and didn't quite know what it was when the vision changes hit me. So this will be short, the bright light of the computer monitor isn't so pleasant. I just have to get through dinner and then I can rest for a bit. Craig, bless his heart tried to get today off but couldn't.

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