Friday, May 19, 2006

God's children

For those of you who've seen me make mention of Tyler, please pray with everything you've got.

A little background. Tyler was born January 17th with the same diagnosis Alex had. Alex and Tyler were roomates for over a month and we got to know his family well.

Tyler has been struggling lately. He has from what i'm told a blood clot in his heart and there was some concern he was becoming septic a few days ago.

At 1:30 this morning I received a phone call from his mother that his hemoglobin had dropped, she was on her way to the hospital and all she knew is they were doing a scan to see where he was bleeding from (if you remember from Alex, when your hem drops, it's bleeding somewhere).

Then at 3:30 she called me again. Tyler had taken another turn for the worse and was very dusky (hospital lingo for turning blue), they had gone up on his vent settings but it wasn't helping and at that time they were bagging him and his mother heard them say he was 'hard to bag'. I asked her to ask the doctors if she should have someone come, and the doctors told her to give them 30 minutes and they would come talk to her. I haven't heard anything since.

So I ask for your prayers again, your prayers were amazing in helping Alex to overcome so much, they are very powerful. I'd also like to ask you to pray for our other former roomate Luke, He's having some issues he's trying to overcome as well.
Update: I got ahold of Tyler's mom. He pulled through but is still less than stable, the docs really aren't sure what's going on.....

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