Tuesday, May 9, 2006



Last night I dreamt I had twin baby boys. I have no idea what was wrong with them except that they were in the hospital and both had trach's. It was one of those riled up worrying dreams, worrying about how I'm going to keep them alive and where the next curveball is coming from. I hate those dreams. I feel that all too familiar knot in my stomach, the knot I had while Alex was in the hospital. It feels like when you suck your belly in and breathe like that all day..... your muscles are sore. It's strange.

Apparently Craig dreamt of Alex last night. I realized that I don't dream of Alex anymore....... not him precisely anyway. I dream of hospitals, illness, fear, but the baby involved is never Alex. What does that mean?
Kind of makes me feel guilty and even sad. Sad because at least if I dreamt about him for that moment I would be in some remote way WITH him.

I do however dream of twins a lot. Maybe it's because I worry so much about Tyler and Luke that in some way I feel like I had more than one sick baby. I don't know.

On another note, I think Austin and Chris might have mono or something. I won't go into it but lets just say that my boys, who NEVER get sick..... are really being kicked in the butt by something these past few days:( I'm watching the situation closely.

Anyway, looks like it's gonna thunderstorm and Jack could use some cuddling I bet.

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