Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm sorry, my baby died

Well, I finally did it...........

You may be aware that after the birth of a baby there is a '6 week' post partum appointment that every new mother must have, and every new mother thoroughly dreads. In my case, dreads enough to put it off for months.

My original appointment was to be March 14th, I decided not to go that day because Alex was really unstable and I couldn't bring myself to be 2 hours away from him. After he died I just didn't want to do it, it was another one of those things where I was suppose to be bringing him with me and showing him off to all the midwives and nurses, and I couldn't.

Well, my reproductive health at stake, I did bite the bullet and go. I should really have called first to make sure the staff was aware that Alex had passed, but I didn't. I kind of figured that they would already know.

So the nurse takes me back and is doing the bp and all that and she askes 'what is your babies name?' And I swallow hard and say 'he's deceased'. She of course said she was sorry a few times and finished up her part and left to get the midwife.

The midwife comes in and starts crying, which of course makes ME start crying, it's just a chain reaction every time. I'm ok until people cry. I jokingly yelled at her for making me cry and she said 'i know, but we feel like these are OUR babies too'. I can't explain it, but that made me really happy to hear.

All in all I was there for over an hour. We talked a lot about Alex's condition and what happened and our plans for having more children. She went over with me how things will be a little different my next pregnancy because I will be involved with a perinatologist in Marshfield for level 2 ultrasounds and fetal echo's. (A perinatologist is a high risk obstetrician, although I won't be 'high risk' unless they in fact find something wrong with the baby) The only thing that remotely makes me high risk is that I had a premature baby, and honestly that was probably due to him starting to struggle in the womb and initiating labor because it was time to be born.

I was pretty happy that I will still be able to have the pregnancy followed by the midwives rather than seeing an OB (again, unless there's something wrong) because I really love them and the way they do things.

Anyway, everything looks fine in that respect and we were officially given the green light. It was really nice, after the crying to be able to talk about Alex, and someone really wants to listen.

One more point to add, to anyone who might still be harboring doubt about my mental health. We talked about depression, about things that can help etc and she agreed with me that antidepressants probably aren't the answer as long as I can still be productive and live life. At the end of the visit she said that I surely don't seem 'depressed', sad yes. But not depressed.
So I am taking care of myself, and I do have the doors open for help if it's needed.

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